The Goa Anglican Centre

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Supporting the Goa Anglican Centre

Becoming a Friend of the Goa Anglican Centre

The work of the Goa Anglican Centre receives no financial support from the Church of England or from any government body. All the people we care for rely on our continued survival, which is only possible through the generosity of people like you. So please join us and make it happen! Becoming a friend of the GAC costs just £1 per week, £4.25 per month, or £50 per year. As a member you will:

    • Receive a monthly newsletter keeping you updated with our work and progress.
    • Receive an annual report of how our funding has been used for the real benefit of those most in need.
    • Receive regular prayers for your intentions in the chapel, or by the chaplaincy members when the chapel is not in residential use.
    • Have the knowledge that your money is being used directly to benefit those most in need of your help.

          If you feel able to join us, please do contact us through the form on our homepage. Membership is now available and I would be delighted to talk to you about it.

          Bursary Donations

          The Goa Anglican Centre works with Volunteering Goa Ltd, a UK registered company that offers high quality volunteer training and placements in India. Due to the international nature of the voluntary work, there is a cost involved in these programmes and it is our belief that this should not prevent those who are committed but less financially able from volunteering. We therefore seek bursaries to provide the cost of individual voluntary places.

          Advantages for Volunteers:

            • A great career advantage: Many employers specifically look for people with international experience, skills and expertise developed outside the regular workplace.
            • Motivation: Volunteers often find that the experience of working hard and as part of a team for those in much greater need than themselves puts their own lives into perspective and gives them a new motivation when they return home.

                Advantages for the Donor:

                  • A personal and reliable gift: Many gifts to charity are difficult to trace and donors find it hard to know where their money has been spent. Our bursary scheme is very different. By contributing part, or the whole, of a fixed price bursary, donors know exactly who they have supported in a placement in India, what that person is doing while there, and how the charity in India has benefited from this. We also give donors the opportunity to set any criteria for the selection of volunteers to receive bursaries so long as no prejudice is involved in those criteria
                  • Publicity: Our usual method of finding people who are most deserving of our bursaries is to run a high-profile campaign in the local media, inviting the general public to nominate potential recipients who show a strong and consistent commitment to volunteering and the community and who would otherwise be unable to afford to volunteer abroad. When we do this, we always offer to publish the name of the individual, group or company which has donated the bursary. This generates excellent and positive publicity in your local area

                    The cost of a volunteer placement is kept to the minimum possible to cover costs and provide volunteers with a safe, productive and memorable experience. A three month placement therefore requires a bursary of £2550. If you are UK tax payer then we can claim Gift Aid on your donation in order to increase it to the required level for a bursary.

                    If you feel able to support our bursary scheme or would like to discuss the options available please contact us using the form on our homepage.